Welcome to the Long Valley Ranch

At the Long Valley Ranch, "EXPERIENCE THE EXPERIENCE", the great outdoors. Our goal is to provide an experience that will generate memories for a lifetime. You will be amazed at the abundance of wildlife you will encounter, ranging from monster mule deer bucks, bugling bull elk, gobbling turkeys, line breaking rainbow and brown trout, high flying waterfowl, elusive upland game birds, majestic birds of prey and the chance to see the greatest hunter of them all, the western mountain lion!

ALL our hunts are fair case with no restrictions on the wild life travel. We have no high fences on our private property and the game can come an go as they please. Wild life is plentiful because of extensive range improvement projects we have implemented on the ranch. See the range improvement section for more details.

The ranch also has breathtaking views. You can see the south rim of Bryce Canyon National Park and the western edge of the new Staircase national Monument with just a turn of your head.

Explore our site for pictures and details of the amazing adventure and a once in a lifetime experience.

Let us show you how to "EXPERIENCE THE EXPERIENCE"!